Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Sweeter Inscription

The same day I found the cookbook with the "Ted" note, I also found a different cookbook with a much more endearing note:

I love the way it's carefully written in cursive and mentions last summer's adventure without getting too specific. (Is "discovered new faces and places" a polite way of saying "For once we didn't spend the entire visit helping you dust your Hummel collection," or is it from someone who finds writing in cursive taxing enough that adding a specific detail or two just never occurred to her?) The signatures are all a bit different in style, suggesting that even though Mary may have written the note, Jean and Jane actually signed too.

I hope Grandma (and Arch?) enjoyed this copy of 1973's Good Housekeeping Desserts from A to Z. Here is something Grandma may have started just about this time of year, for the "X is for Xmas Treats" chapter:

I'm not sure why the photographer decided to take the picture in front of a window. The holly on the table may say "December," but the greenery outside makes me think of summer. Maybe it's supposed to be a wreath on the side of the house? In any case, it has effectively distracted me from paying attention to what is supposed to be the star of this photo: the fruitcake.

I don't see too many recipes that start with "Several weeks before serving." This is a weeks-long craft project! Not one that I would want to actually eat at the end, mind you, but at least this sounds more palatable than the other fruitcake I featured.


  1. I make small, individual fruitcakes and also start many weeks ahead so I can "age" them in brandy. However, I don't do that almond paste or white icing thing. Sort of like gilding the lily. I also don't use citron but rather lots of raisins and dates with the candied cherries and pineapple. I only give my fruitcakes to people who ask for them as they are very expensive and time-consuming to make.

    1. Fruitcakes are definitely expensive to make! I always kind of wondered why people bother with them since so few people like them, but the devotees must be truly devoted. :-)

      It's probably a lot easier to give an unwanted fruitcake when it's store bought (and of low enough quality to be cheap).

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