Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A resolute ladies' luncheon

We're a full week into the new year by now. Most of the people who have resolved to eat better are probably starting to break into the chocolate stash (or Reese's cup stash if they're anything like me!) when nobody's looking, but it's still important to keep up a strong public front....

I have found the perfect ladies' luncheon for those who want to seem perfectly austere in public (and who know they'll have something more substantial waiting at home) in Suzy Chapin's Low-Calorie Party Cook Book (1971).

Perhaps you will agree with me that most of the emphasis seems to be on "low-calorie" part of the title and not so much on the "party" in this "Ladies' Luncheon for Eight":

First, get the party started with 3/4 of a cup of chicken bouillon garnished with a quarter of a black olive and a quarter of a lemon. Wooo!

Then go on to a piece of poached chicken breast with fruit and celery seeded vanilla yogurt. I guess serving it in a pineapple half is supposed to make it seem festive rather than sad, but I have my doubts about the effectiveness.

And don't forget, this is supposed to be so festive and "rich-tasting" that "no one needs dessert"!

Perhaps the ladies can all pretend to believe this because they're fantasizing about what they'll really eat when they get home.

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