Saturday, May 31, 2014

Some appetizers that might reach out and grab you...

Have you ever wanted to serve something exotic and tentacled at a party, but lacked the courage (and intestinal fortitude) to work with raw squid and/or octopus? Have you ever wanted appetizers to double as decorations in an ocean-themed get-together?

If you've answered "yes" to either of those questions, Elizabeth Price's The Better Hostess Series Hors d'Oevres & Appetizers (1978) has the perfect solution for you!

If your guests are easily scared and you want something non-threatening, you can't miss with this little number:

While the splayed tentacles may be initially unsettling, the limp and droopy center should reassure guests that this little guy can't get up to too much trouble. (In any case, the sea cucumber in a ball gown seems to be keeping an eye on it too.)

If you want something a little more flashy, though, something that might convince guests to clear out at the end of the evening with flashes of threatening red and prominent suckers, this is probably more your speed:

It's even threatening to defend itself with a bucket of green slime if necessary. This is sure to make everyone back away slowly.

So what would you pay for oceanic-looking recipes of this caliber? $19.99? $29.99?

Since you're my friend, I will give them to you for free, so long as you promise not to serve them to ME:

Well, actually the filling for the celery sounds pretty good. If you serve it with some crackers, then you might have something worth eating!

The tuna fish peppers are all yours, though....

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