Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I'm going to Riceland for reasons I cannot explain

There's some part of me that wants to see Riceland.

Maybe I want to go to Riceland because I am amused by anything made in the oblong, ridged mold that makes me think the brain of some alien species with an oval head is being served for dinner.

In this case, the alien has a very white brain (maybe because aliens keep all their gray matter on the outside?):

I wonder how an alien would feel about its brain being garnished with peaches and topped with a cherry.

Maybe I want to go to Riceland to see the spectacular raspberry volcanoes:

Amazing that the lava doesn't melt the snowy mountain ridges.

Apparently the Arkansas Rice Growers Cooperative Association liked playing with this recipe when it put together "Riceland Rice Recipes" (1952) because the booklet includes not one, but two pictures of the same dessert (and the alien brain is on the cover!).

This actually sounds pretty good-- a variation of raisin-less rice pudding packed into a mold and covered with fruit. I might actually make it if I could decide whether a peachy alien brain or a raspberry volcano were the cooler variation. Maybe a raspberry volcano erupting onto an alien brain? Or maybe I should try something new, like a heart mold leaking raspberry blood everywhere? A fish with kiwi slice scales and blueberry eyes? I am paralyzed by the possibilities.

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