Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Glamorous Cooking for Busy Women

I chose today's cookbook because it is so glamorous. Just look at it!

Yes, whoever owned The Busy Woman's Cookbook (1971) before me was too busy to worry about the cover. The real reason I described this book as glamorous, though, is that it seems to redefine the term:

Pancakes and a bread loaf stuffed with something that resembles cat puke apparently qualify as not just glamorous, but "mighty glamorous" in this book.

So what went into these glamour shots? The top is "Salmon Biscuit Roll":

Cream soup and canned salmon team up with celery, pepper, olives, and onion to stuff a fresh "biscuit mix" loaf. They're topped with a "piquant sauce" of milk, "salmon liquid" (such a yummy-sounding word pair!), and lemon juice (not pictured here because presumably it looks too much like the topping on the other recipe).

The salmon biscuit roll may not sound particularly appealing, but at least its name makes sense. I'm more perplexed by its little friend at the bottom of the page:

I'm sorry, but if I see "crescents" in a recipe name, there better be crescent rolls! How do pancakes get upgraded to crescent status? Does the glamour of being stuffed with canned hash, pickle relish, and ketchup give them an upgrade? Maybe it's the jizzy cover of sour cream and mustard?

I'm not sure, but I doubt that real busy women actually gave the question a second thought. They just called it "canned hash in a pancake night" as they finished writing up tomorrow's grocery list.

This post is part of Cookbook Wednesday, now hosted by Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet.


  1. Your review is just hilarious! A bread loaf stuffed with something that resembles cat puke, indeed! I'm off to link you up right now; thanks for joining in as we carry the torch during Louise's hiatus!

    1. Thanks for carrying on the tradition! I like the idea of filled bread, but this is definitely not the recipe for that...

  2. I'm not sure that was a 'loved" book Poppy. And by no means is it glamourous either. However, the recipes you have chosen to highlight its glamour appeal are oh so unappealing, lol...

    I actually had canned salmon on the run today. I made it on a toasted hunk of French bread, crostini style and thought it was kind of messy. Well, I'm feeling a whole lot better after seeing this. Most certainly not a feast for the eyes!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing, Poppy and a huge thanks for the continutation of Cookbook Wednesday...

    1. Canned salmon can be pretty good given the right conditions. I just don't think these are the right conditions!