Saturday, September 19, 2015

Not quite making the grade...

This is my first big grading weekend of the new semester. Yay.

Since I'm pressed for time and I get to spend my weekend doing something that is not particularly satisfying (unless you love grading dozens and dozens of essays as quickly as possible), my recipe theme for the day is "not particularly satisfying."

Our recipes for today come from the "Low-Calorie Dishes" section of the 1973 McCall's Great American Recipe Card Collection.

Need something to do with those last few tomatoes? I wouldn't really recommend this:

Okay, the plump, ripe tomatoes on fresh lettuce and stuffed heaping full of something creamy-looking may seem kind of tantalizing. (If you know what "kind of creamy" food goes into everything diet-related in the '70s, I bet you can guess what's coming!)

Yep, this is what the dish really holds:

The tomatoes are just stuffed with cottage cheese and bits of other vegetables. Carrot! Cucumber! Green onion! Radish! Not exactly a lavish lunch.

But you can finish it off with this:

I'll bet you will never guess what's in that bowl. At least, you won't guess if you're reading something other than this blog post, and then you won't even be thinking about this recipe. Why would you be? You'd be reading something else. If you've glanced at the picture for more than a second, you already know what this is and you're wondering why we actually need a recipe for it.

Peaches with yogurt! Made with peaches! And yogurt! Such creativity and zest in those low-calorie recipes...

Happy weekend! I hope yours is more satisfying than a perfunctory fruit-or-veg and dairy combo.


  1. Oh boy! What was it about the 70s that we had to mix dairy w/ fruits and veggies?

  2. Hi Poppy!
    I see you are still digging up those horrid recipes of our past, lol...I had to laugh to myself when I saw them:) I think that's about all they are good for, a good chuckle!

    Hope your weekend drudge passes quickly. Perhaps you will discover an essay worthy of a reread:)

    Thanks for sharing, Poppy...