Saturday, February 24, 2018

Funny Name: Not Nearly as Interesting as I Imagined Edition

I know most of you probably haven't heard of the regional "furniture" chain now called Beds 'n' Stuff (or Waterbeds 'n' Stuff back when my college friends and I would gigglingly dare each other to go past the furniture part of the store to the more famous back room). You have to know that bit of background for this recipe from Favorite Recipes of Ohio: Family Edition (1964).

If you didn't know about Beds 'n' Stuff, you wouldn't know why I laughed and imagined "Green Beans 'n' Stuff" as green beans seasoned with bongs and vibrators.


  1. I like your idea better than this glorified green bean casserole.

    1. And the vibrators could make it jiggly even though it doesn't have Jell-O! (Jiggliness seemed to be a prized quality back then.)