Saturday, March 24, 2018

Funny Name: The birds don't look right edition

There is nothing scary about today's recipe from Cook Book: Favorite Recipes from Our Best Cooks (ca. 1979). In fact, this was one of my favorite cookies when I was a kid, but we just called them no-bakes. The United Methodist Women of Worthington United Methodist Church apparently thought that naming them after sickly-looking birds was more appealing, though, so here are some birds for the newly-sprung season:


  1. And if you didn't cook them long enough to set up properly, it looked like those raggy robins had a problem.

  2. Sounds like a dessert you make when you don't have much in the pantry

    1. It is-- but if you like peanut butter and chocolate, then it's not one of those disappointing "let's use stuff from the pantry" recipes.