Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pies that look like something I might accidentally step in...

I must have still had pie on my mind as I was browsing through McCall's Casserole Cookbook (1974), or maybe these just happened to catch my eyes because the pictures were so... interesting?

A brief glance at this picture made me think it might be a pecan pie topped with hard-cooked eggs and olives:

But a closer look made me quickly realize my error. Instead of luscious pecan halves floating above a rich sauce, this looks oddly congealed... almost webby. It's like something I'd find growing on a tree stump during an exceptionally wet spring. Topped with hard-cooked eggs and olives. Because why not?

It's probably not as bad as it looks:

I imagine it's a bit bland-- mostly bacon and ground pork with a bit of onion and some bread cubes-- kind of a meat loaf in a pie crust.

The mushroom sauce is a canned wonder. It will add a moist salinity to the whole thing.

At least it's not really pecan pie with eggs and olives!

Then this picture made me wonder if somebody managed to scrape up enough cat puke to fill a pie shell (and top with a lemon slice!):

Yeah-- That's kind of what my carpet looks like when Fancy Feast doesn't agree with my little friend.

Judging from the recipe, he'd be more than happy to eat enough of this pie to turn it into real cat puke:

This recipe doesn't sound terrible either-- mostly fish, white wine, and sour cream-- but I think I'll pass.

If it looks like something I've been unhappy to step in on a walk to the bathroom at 3 a.m., I am not interested.

Well, unless it's Indian food. At least that has some flavor!


  1. Hi Poppy!
    Looks like these may be more candidates for that book of Regretable food! I happened upon a Pinterest board this AM of Bizarre foods and I'd swear one of these may have been there if not all! Thanks for sharing, Poppy, I think, lol...

    1. I can never get enough pictures of regrettable foods! But I only like the pictures.

  2. That pork pie staring at me! :O

  3. Olives are very rude! They always stare...