Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Squashing September

I'm never sure how to feel about September. I start missing the long, warm days and hate knowing that this is just the start of our slide into deep-freeze conditions. I also kind of love the early chill and the whisper that Halloween is just around the corner (even if I know I'll be too busy with school work to properly enjoy the season).

So what does Betty Crocker's Cooking Calendar (1962) have to say about this bittersweet transitional month?

It's the month of squashes and melons. That kind of fits my feelings about the whole month. Summer squashes and watermelon are okay, I guess. I mean, I'll eat them if they're there, but I won't seek them out. That's the side of September that I sort of like-- crisp mornings, a promise of something better later. But winter squashes and pretty much all other melons just repulse me, just like the knowledge that winter is slowly but surely coming.

I've chosen two recipes to highlight the change from summer to fall. First up: enjoy the last of summer!

Few things can say "Late Summer Produce" as efficiently as "Corn-Stuffed Zucchini." Well, maybe "Tomato-Stuffed Watermelons" or "Peach-Stuffed Peppers," but you get the idea...

This recipe doesn't sound too bad-- zucchini (unsurprisingly) stuffed with corn, onion, chives, and cheese. The amount of salt really makes me wonder, though. Two teaspoons of seasoned salt PLUS another teaspoon of regular salt for just six servings? I love salt, but that sounds a bit high even to me (especially if one uses canned corn rather than fresh).

The second recipe from this chapter does its best to make the slide into the fall and winter season seem cozy and appealing:

It's winter squash stuffed with sausage! Pictures like this are what cause me to buy a winter squash every few years thinking that I must be misremembering my dislike for them. They're so pretty and cheerily-fall-looking! How could I hate them? And then I'm gagging after taking a few bites. Something about the thick, goopy texture coupled with their inherent sweetness is more than I can handle.

If you are a fan of these beautiful little squashes, the recipe couldn't be much easier:

Cut, partially bake, fill with crumbled sausage, finish baking, pour off fat (Yum!), and serve.

So happy(ish) September! And if you're like me, have fun searching for Halloween goodies to make October extra special.


  1. I have a great idea! Take a tasty and healthy squash and shove it full of salt & grease. I SAID SALT! :-)

    1. The recipe seems like it should have been brought to us by Morton rather than Betty Crocker!