Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Recipes from Baker's Dot Chocolate (not bakers.chocolate)

With Halloween coming, my thoughts turn to candy. Candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy, candy! That means I'm dragging out this pamphlet:

From 1950, it's a pamphlet for "9 easy recipes for delicious homemade candy" using Baker's Dot Chocolate!

A lot of these recipes are as straightforward as the sentence I've just written. (<-- That sentence! There!)

Melt chocolate. Mix stuff in. Drop and cool. Not too difficult. Still, if you make the peanut version, I am THERE. Peanuts and chocolate are awesome!

If you make the raisin version, I will retreat to a parallel universe where raisins don't exist.

If you make the Chocolate Ting-a-lings, I will stop by to laugh at the name. Maybe I'll try one and be secretly disappointed that it's got cornflakes instead of peanuts, or maybe I'll just look at them and imagine myself trying one and being disappointed that it's got cornflakes instead of peanuts. I'm so unpredictable.

I'm not sure how other recipes are supposed to be an improvement over just eating the chocolate by itself:

The chocolate is clearly already sweetened if it's ready to mix with peanuts, so adding another cup of sugar would make it cloyingly sweet and less chocolaty. Adding the egg just gives you a chance to get salmonella from candy. In short, I do not get the point of this recipe at all!

A candy I DO get-- and the real reason I picked this pamphlet-- is these babies:

Hallowe'en (with the apostrophe!) Cat Faces! They are easy and so cute! The Nut Bars recipe these are based on is not given, but it's basically a package of Baker's Dot Chocolate melted and poured into a loaf pan lined with waxed paper topped with a cup of nuts. Once the chocolate cools, it's pulled out and cut into bars-- or in this case, triangles that get candy corn eyes and nose and coconut whiskers (both of which are best removed before actually eating, but they make good garnishes).

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so these little guys made my day. I hope they make your late-October Wednesday just a little more magical.


  1. So today is my 40th birthday & I think this post was damn near perfect! xoxo

    1. Happy birthday! I'm glad it's okay I made you a chocolate cat instead of a cake. :-)