Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Valentine "treat" with a heart of cold

To get you ready for Valentine's day, home economics teachers from 1974 are ready to fill your hearts with ... something cold!

From the New Holiday Cookbook (the Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers series) is something that looks sweet and desserty for your Valentine sweetie:

Little gelatin hearts, filled with a marshmallow and fruit salad, I imagine, with maybe a whipped-cream-and-fruit-juice based dressing? Not exactly:

Two-in-One Valentine Salad does offer two salads, but they are aspic (gag!) and that classic aphrodisiac, chicken salad. If your sweetheart loves celery TWO ways-- both jelled up in some tomato, lemon, and onion juices AND mixed with cold chicken and mayo, then this may be a stop on the route to Romance City.

Otherwise, it's more like a bus stop, with people checking their watches every two minutes and just wishing they could get it over with already.

If you really need a sweet heart fix, especially a weird, greenish zombie heart fix, the home ec teachers also covered that.

Happy Valentine's weekend! I might spend mine in Valentine Bluffs. Yeah, just like this recipe, I do not have great taste.

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