Saturday, July 29, 2017

Make your own grill with household items!

Happy weekend! I feel like having a little fun with some recipes that double as craft projects.

Okay, maybe these instructions from Better Homes and Gardens Barbecues and Picnics book (1963) aren't exactly a recipe, but the project can be used to make a recipe:

Flowerpot grills! Just line pots with foil, gravel, and more foil, light a few briquets, and cook your kabobs right on top. It's so cute and easy that I almost wish that I had non-plastic flowerpots, and that I could be trusted with an open flame.

I still might be able to pull off the pineapple solar system in the background, or the pot bursting with green onions, crinkle-cut carrots, and olives... though the illusion that one is ripping crudites right out of the dirt might make this less-popular side just that much more likely to be leftover.

Now here is a craft project I don't want you to make on the grill. Imagine picking up a charred corn husk, pulling it back with the expectation of sweet, tender summer corn and finding...

A dead fish. A whole dead fish, at that! I'm pretty sure I'd just drop the sucker right on the patio out of surprise... and then I'd feel bad yet again for being a socially awkward person.

Here's the recipe, but remember...

...friends don't serve friends dead fish in corn husks. If you have to try these, serve them only to your enemies.


  1. Making someone think that they are getting corn on the cob when they really aren't would get you the death penalty (or something like that) in Iowa.

    1. That's the right attitude for an infraction like this.