Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cut it out!

The Family Circle Cookies and Candies Cookbook (1978) is loaded with holiday suggestions, but the "Cut-Out Fun" section particularly intrigues me.

Readers who have a whole day to devote to a cookie craft project could have their work cut out for them. (See what I did there? If you're really my friend, you'll politely pretend that you didn't and read on anyway.)

These are some serious cutouts. You have to copy the patterns above, cut them out by hand, and paint them before baking. For all that labor, though, you get kids building a snowman, transporting a tree by sled, or digging through Christmas ornaments that can apparently survive being stored ball-pit style in an undersized box. You can also make adults kissing under the mistletoe or an old guy driving home in a tiny convertible (clearly the most seasonally appropriate car choice!) with a pine tree as the back seat passenger. (That last one is almost worth the price of admission alone!)

The instructions are just as involved as you might expect:

With the instructions, we get an extra picture to translate to cookie form. I like the way the kid seems to be physically merging with the tree as she stares straight up at the ceiling for no apparent reason. I know the kid and the tree need to be close or the cookie will lose structural integrity, but this looks crazy!

If the instructions all seem a bit too abstract, there are pictures to help illustrate:

This recipe is so involved, it is sheer madness! Of course I love it.

Just a few pages away from this project, I saw a page displaying various other cut-out cookies:

It may not seem remarkable at first. Nice little stars, butterflies, leaves, hearts, flowers: what we might expect from cutouts. One of these seriously puzzles me, though.

What is this?

Is it a cookie with a misshapen purplish turkey leg on top? Is it a very sad attempt at erotic baking? I have no idea what this cookie is supposed to be, and nothing in the caption or the rest of the chapter helped me figure it out. I will leave you to ponder this cookie enigma.

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  1. I think the last is supposed to be a wild turkey displaying its plumage: