Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kentucky-Fried, Boston-Style Surprise!

Fill in the blank to find out this weekend's theme food: Kentucky-Fried C_____.

You guessed right! 

Well, you guessed right as long as you guessed corn. If you guessed "chicken" like a normal person, then Favorite Recipes of American Vegetables Including Fruits (1968) is very disappointed in you. It's corn season! 

So go out to the field and grab some fat, juicy roasting ears the way grandma used to.

Or just open up a can of creamed corn and add extra milk and butter. Hey, there are all kinds of grandmas, and some of them prefer cooking with their can openers.

How about spreading corn with something luscious and grilling it over the coals?

Unless there's a ton of bacon (more than one slice and secured with something) to hold the peanut butter in, I have a feeling it will mostly melt off and cause peanut-scented smoke. Also, I'm thinking this is either a terrible idea (peanut butter sweet corn?) or a great idea (peanut butter sweet corn!). I can't decide whether this combination would ruin two good things or make them better. 

If you can't decide between serving a yummy picnic side and a mediocre-at-best picnic side, you can always combine them:

Boston-Style Baked Corn: for when you want to turn corn into something people eat because it's there, rather than because they actually want it.

And finally, a corn creation the Pieathletes should be happy I didn't send to the Pieathalon:

Canned corn! Canned luncheon meat! All cooked in a cheesy custard and topped with crushed crackers. What a fitting celebration of a Midwest... summer? Winter? Bounty? Hard times?

We'll just label it "Midwest" and leave it at that... Have a corny weekend! 


  1. Peanut butter grilled corn sounds like something they would serve at the Iowa State Fair, if you could jam it on a stick.

    1. I could see them making it peanut butter and jelly grilled corn with bacon.

    2. Yeah. They did chocolate covered bacon on a stick several years ago. Now you made me google the list: Of the 83 items listed, they have deep fried sweet corn corn dogs, but for some reason the deep fried fruit really weirds me out.

  2. And to think that we still eat corn this way ;)

    1. Yeah... I'm going out to get some canned corn and Spam right now. ;)

  3. This is my new favorite website. I have been reading for awhile....Love it!