Saturday, August 4, 2018

Funny Name: The Garden's Been Overrun Edition

The title of this recipe from Helen Worth's Hostess Without Help (1971) sounds like the sarcastic nickname someone might give their midsummer garden:

Instead of being named after an over-zucchinified garden, Zucchini Colony is named after the Colony Restaurant, the originator of this recipe. The whimsical book also offers a picture of a chicken and pig demonstrating what might happen if you accidentally overcook the zucchini:

If you don't have a chicken to alert you to the billowing smoke and a pig with a fire hose to extinguish the fire, you're really missing out!


  1. I tried typing "zucchini colony" into youtube to see if it had any videos (you never know). As I was typing, it recommended "zucchini colonoscopy". I decided that I really didn't want to search for videos any more...

  2. Quick browning aid is also a funny name :D

    1. That's true! It sounds like an alternate name for self-tanner.