Saturday, March 14, 2015

A French-Toasted Salad

Happy Weekend! It's rainy here, but a rainy weekend is a nice time to dust off the waffle iron or griddle and make a leisurely breakfast. I could bust out the real, locally made maple syrup I got last weekend on a trip to a local arboretum's maple syrup days. It would be great on a hot stack of French toast stuffed with bananas or berries....

These thoughts lead me to wonder whether cooks make decadent stuffed French toast in the 1950s. I'll check The General Foods Kitchens Cookbook (1959).

Okay, to be fair, I'm pretty sure this was not intended as a breakfast treat! I just wanted to make you choke at the thought of chicken salad French toast for breakfast. It's not a very nice trick on a leisurely weekend, but I am mean that way!

And perhaps I am even meaner to point out that tuna salad French toast is an alternative option! (The ham and cheese doesn't sound too bad to me, though...)

One other thing I love about this recipe: it turns "French toast" into a verb: these are "French-Toasted" sandwiches. I kind of hope this post will inspire some of you to go out and French toastify something this weekend-- even (especially!) if you don't go the savory route.


  1. French Toasted as verb!? Another reason mid-century cookbooks are the best. Great post, Poppy :D

    Hmmm, now I want waffles