Saturday, September 9, 2017

Funny Name: Inadvertent Admission Edition

Don't EVER praise the appetizer if you're served this recipe from Bach's Lunch: Picnic & Patio Classics (by the Junior Committee in Cleveland's Severance Hall to benefit the Cleveland Orchestra, fifth printing, October 1974):

If you do, you'll be admitting something about your intellectual status.


  1. Dump half a can of blueberry pie filling over a brick of cream cheese and serve with graham crackers. Admit that you really forgot about your potluck dessert.

  2. I was curious about pickapeppa sauce. According to wikipedia, it's a Jamaican condiment still in production today and its made up of sugar, raisins, tomatoes, garlic, and cloves stored in oak aged barrels. And the traditional way of using pickapeppa is dumped over cream cheese. Can you believe it?!

    1. Ha! I guess this is "Idiot's Delight" because it's sad if you actually need a recipe. Otherwise, you'd already know what to do with pickapeppa.

    2. So I was firmly in "idiot" territory...