Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Flash 'em some lamb chops and blueberries

You'd think this cookbook would focus on cooking for... you know... two people.

After all, the Meals for Two Cookbook (ed. Ruth Berolzheimer, 1950) specifies two right there in the title.

You might want to fortify yourself with a little something before I tell you the next bit.

No, I know tomato juice with a little Tabasco and dried basil isn't quite enough.

I mean make yourself a nice two-tone: tomato on the bottom, sauerkraut juice on the top. Drinking sauerkraut juice should prepare you for anything.

Okay, now even if the recipes say they're for two...

Well, you'd better double up because you're not just cooking for your husband (and yourself), doll.

You better make enough for the boss, too. Impress him with your border of mashed potatoes around that meaty chop so your husband can get that raise he always wanted.

Your husband is not the mild-mannered guy he pretends to be at home, either. He wants you to impress all the guys he knows.

That's right. He's going to boast about your big bursting blueberries to everybody.

And people think the fifties were so buttoned-up.


  1. When I hear the word "plank", I think of pilates. I wonder if those lamb chops have strong core muscles?

    1. Good question. I wonder whether strong core muscles would be too tough, or whether it would give them a good texture.

  2. I'll stick to my 2 layer tea thank you. I think that you would even choose that option over sauerkraut tomato juice.

    1. But I thought you loved sauerkraut...

    2. Only in the context of a weapons grade condiment.