Saturday, June 9, 2018

Maybe let's not give peas a chance...

It's pea season again! I do find fresh ones irresistible, as you'll see in this pea post from a previous June. (I was even prepared to post the shortcake again, until I checked and realized I already had written it up.)

No pea shortcake this time! Just some classic '60s recipes full of peas from Favorite Recipes of America: Vegetables Including Fruits (Favorite Recipes Press, 1968). First we have a recipe suggesting a way to turn mushy, overcooked canned peas into a time-consuming and fluffy main dish that still tastes like, well, canned peas.


If you want to upset a southern cook by messing with pimento cheese in the most mid-century way possible...

...try using eggs and saltines as a filler, baking it in a ring mold, and then mounding the center of the unmolded abomination with hot peas.

If your preferred genre is luncheon meats, there's this little number:

Fill broiled bologna cups with hot peas! (Who knew slices curled up just so they could be pea-holders?)

If your real favorite '60s style is of the canned-pineapple-in-everything variety, here's a suggestion:

At least this insists on frozen peas, not canned. The pineapple sweetness won't be buried in moldy old Army sock smell.

My favorite recipe might be the next one because the title hints at one very peculiar level of hell, but the ingredients create a different one.

Is it better or worse that Peas Chambourd is not canned peas and onions cooked in raspberry liqueur, but canned peas and onions cooked in a casserole dish filled with catsup?

I'm not sure, but either way.... Ewwww!


  1. Ive heard of chocolate cups, phyllo cups, and lettuce cups, but bologna cups. EEEEWWWWW!!!!!! Not that I would really want to eat any of the other concoctions either.

    1. I still think the canned peas and onions in ketchup sounds like the worst. At least you can get rid of the bologna cup pretty easily.

  2. Oh, she sits among the cabbages and peas!