Saturday, June 23, 2018

Teen Go-Around

Okay, today's post is not a recipe at all. It's just an article from a page of the September 18, 1976, edition of The Ohio Farmer that I found in an old cookbook. The person who kept it probably just wanted the apple recipes, but I was far more intrigued/ appalled by the article that was incidentally saved. Are you ready for "Teen Go-Around"?

The article explains what teenage boys (from a sample of unspecified number, ages 14-20, found at the Ohio State Fair) want in a girl. They "dislike messy appearance, overweight, and flirting," and expect "friendliness and a fun-loving personality" along with "good looks." Notably, "Only one boy preferred the brainy type."

Of course it has the nasty little question of how a guy might feel "If a girl gave in to his advances." I was a little surprised that the biggest groups said they would not have changed feelings or would consider the relationship more serious. I figured the number who would lose respect would be much higher (especially considering how shallow their answers were about dislikes), but maybe the Madonna/ whore thinking of the fifties was beginning to fade even in rural Ohio by this point? The fact that the reporter seems to think we should be impressed that "only one respondent indicated he would lose his temper" with a girl who kept him at bay suggests there was still a loooong way to go toward seeing women as, you know, autonomous human beings with our own thoughts, desires, and rights, though.

One teenage boy said he wanted "a girl who looks good and who will respect me as much as I respect her," which kind of sums up a lot about this article. Looks are still the number one most important thing. There's some talk of respect, which suggests some progress. The fact that mentioning respect makes the response noteworthy, however, gives away the game.

And of course, there is no corresponding article about what what teenage girls want in boyfriends (or people of other orientations want in partners). Nobody cares.

I can't decide whether this article makes me glad my memories start after the '70s or angry that for all the changes, there are still so many attitudes that wouldn't be out of place now.

Okay, and if you'll feel cheated if you don't get a recipe, here's one for Apple Bread.


  1. That article pretty much sums up why I don't date. While people have learned that they shouldn't say things like that out loud, the attitudes expressed are still alive and well.

    1. And there are still plenty willing to say that stuff out loud, too, but at least you know to steer clear.

  2. I kept checking the date on the article because I found it surprising. Then I realized it was Ford administration conservativism! Blech

    1. Plus the respondents were from the Ohio State Fair... not exactly the most progressive bunch.