Saturday, March 21, 2020

Funny Name: Second Verse, Same as the First Edition

You know, I was thinking of  making chicken for dinner tonight, but the family is getting kind of tired of it. Maybe I should try topping it with something so it will seem a little different....

*Consults pantry*

Well.... How different can it be if I can't even go grocery shopping? I guess this should technically count.

Thanks to Calico Cookbook (Auxiliary Community Hospital, Springfield, Ohio, Sept. 1976) for the creative new chicken topper.


  1. And for a side dish, we're having celery a la celery... For some reason I always found cream of celery soup really creepy.

    1. And mushroom a la mushroom! Cream of celery just seems kind of pointless to me. Celery doesn't have much taste-- just a crunch, and that's gone by the time it's canned.