Saturday, October 17, 2020

Funny Name: "Bubba's Got a Girlfriend!" Edition

This recipe title from Recipes You'll Flip Over (Cedar Rapids Association of Gymnasts, 1983) makes me giggle because I imagine a hick family with strict (and not-very-creative) naming conventions that wasn't expecting a girl. "These are my kids Bubba Junior, Bubba-Joe, Bubba-Beau, Bubba-Jeb, Bubba-Merle, and...


  1. Don't forget the twins, double bubbas. I also like how the mixture just appears with no mixing instructions. Back then I'm sure most cooks would know how to mix the ingredients, but now I'm imagining someone just slopping them all in a bowl and stirring.

    1. Community cookbooks definitely gave fewer instructions back then. If you didn't know how to cook, why were you trying?