Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Did they have sarcasm in the '60s?

School is starting, and fall is coming. Let's try to celebrate the changes with a little reminder of summer. How about "Summer Soup" from my Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers?

Hmm... Potatoes and frozen vegetables boiled together and served in hot milk. Sounds more like "Middle of the Winter and I'm Not Going Out in the Snow to Buy More Food so Just Eat It and Shut Up Already Soup" to me. I'd suspect that the recipe title is meant to be sarcastic, but I'm afraid the cookbook predates irony.

I guess teachers just need to make summer seem less appealing so we won't miss it so much when it's over. This should do the job.


  1. Your collection of horrors is fun in itself. Your choice of icky recipes also serves well, I think, if you want to know what was in the American food world when Julia Child appeared like Aphrodite from the waves.

    Irony was invented by that time (like the Romans had it and also the Greeks but whatever). However, there are always people deficient in wit, taste, and judgement like the ones you cite.

    Food blogging is such fun... I do it at and I linked here from Louise's blog.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you found it. I've added you to my links.