Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I hate the word, but I think "chillaxing" is appropriate here....

Labor Day is long gone, and now it is officially fall. Most people who love grilling are reluctantly getting ready to cover the grill and/or roll it back into the garage. The redundantly-titled Barbecue: Pillsbury's Barbecue Cookbook (1976), however, reminds you that the grill doesn't have to retire just because the sun does.

If you don't mind hauling cheese, wine, a thermos of soup, crackers, buns, brats, various fresh fruits, utensils, glasses, a serving board, and a coconut(!) across snow and ice, in a few short months the weather will be perfect for a ski picnic! I hope you enjoy eating a nice slice of cheese directly off of a snow drift (and I hope you venture far enough into the wilderness that a neighbor's dog will not have gotten to the snow drift first).

Oh, by the way, you will also need a grill, charcoal, a saucepan, beer, onions, and butter. Shouldn't be any problem if you managed to bring all the other supplies too.

I will let you enjoy your relaxing ski picnic. Pretty sure I can hold out on grilling until spring.


  1. Poppy, I'm having enough of a time adjusting to Autumn. I keep my grill out as long as I can through-out the season. If it's too cold our I just hang out in the garage while the grilling goes on.

    Oh those Pillsbury people:) Thanks for sharing...

  2. I'm a total wimp when it comes to cool weather-- well, unless I can walk in it! I will tramp through the chilly woods for an hour looking for birds and squirrels, but I don't have the patience to monitor food in the cold.