Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Break out the egg molds!

As I noted at Halloween, Wilton saw holidays as a good opportunity to sell people on specialized equipment, even if it didn't necessarily match up to the holiday in question. Thus, maybe you too will get a hint of Easter from this Thanksgiving display from The 1974 Wilton Yearbook of Cake Decorating:

At least fans of giant chocolate eggs will have an excuse to make them more than once a year. I am a bit perplexed by the odd-shaped heads tipped waaaaay back. It's as if a turkey with an unusually small head and flat neck got stuck trying to climb out of a football. These turkeys look so stuck up they would drown if it rained.

Okay, maybe you can't be talked into eggs for Thanksgiving. There is always the traditional Pilgrims and Indians pattern (from the 1970-'71 Wilton yearbook, maybe? The cover is missing):

If you're not sure what to give thanks for, the correct answers are the warm relationship between Pilgrims and Indians (so lucky that the invaders and natives were such good friends) and of course, Wilton's magic Color-Flow! No holiday is complete without it.

If all of this seems a little too festive to belong here and you really just want one last scary dessert, though, I don't want to leave you feeling less-than-thankful. If you need a "healthy" "dessert" packed full of nonfat milk powder and tofu before it will feel like a real Grannie Pantries Thanksgiving, then you can give thanks for Gary Landgrebe's 1978 classic Tofu Goes West: