Saturday, January 4, 2014

A healthy resolution from 1972

It's resolution time for a lot of people, so let's get healthy in my favorite style. Yes, it is time for more '70s health food. (I'm trying to resist the urge to put scare quotes around both "health" and "food," but that effort only worked until I wrote this aside. I can't hold out forever.)

For today's fix, we'll try 1972's Natural Cooking-- The Prevention Way.

Brown tulips with avocado-green leaves and red somethings (berries? grapes?) set up the '70s mood quite nicely. Now let's find some recipes to make diners feel the full force of their resolutions.

The first rule of healthy eating for many people is to go for a salad with plenty of leafy greens, but the layer of solid ice coating (and trying to invade) the house this January makes a cold pile of greens so unappealing. What to do?

How about a mug full of "thin, light-green liquid"? Salad problem solved.

Now for a main dish: something hot with plenty of protein.

Try a fish slice dipped in "thick" nut or soy milk (Doesn't that adjective help make it sound tasty?) and wheat germ and baked with a banana on top to ensure an extra serving of fruit. I am sure the recipe is right that "This dish needs no other seasoning," but I'll bet I could get it to serve more than three or four....

This meal wouldn't seem complete without some grain component, though, and traditional bread is considered fattening. Luckily, this book has just the solution:

At least, it claims to be bread. I'm sure it's not fattening, especially since it will probably end up being used as a brown-rice-and-cornmeal-based doorstop.

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