Saturday, March 29, 2014

You're gonna need a bigger bowl (for all the leftovers)

It's almost April 1, so it's time to start thinking about tricks for April Fools' Day. Courtesy of the "Hamilton Beach Electric Fry Pan Recipe Book" (undated; I have seen estimates for everything from 1946 to the early '60s), I have a fun idea.

Invite some people over for a movie night. Pick a horror movie with an aquatic theme, like Jaws, Sharknado, the MST3K screening of Devil Fish, or Killer Octopus Vs. Feral Bikini Babes in 3-D. (I will make no judgments about your taste in movies if you will extend me the same courtesy....)

The trick is that you provide the movie-appropriate popcorn:

You may want to play the Jaws theme as you bring out the snack to distract your guests from asking what smells so funny. Then enjoy the show with the knowledge that anyone bold (or stupid) enough to try the popcorn now smells like shark bait.

Just in case you really do want to know how to make popcorn in your electric skillet:


  1. Anchovy Popcorn? I'm not sure about this one, Poppy but I suppose it would make a good April Fools Day prank:) I no longer have one of those skillets though:) Thanks so much for sharing, Poppy...

    1. I have an electric skillet too. I mostly use it to make homemade English muffins. (I know-- yeast bread is not your thing! They are soooo much better than store-bought ones, though.)

    2. English muffins in an electric skillet? Intriguing:) I plan on working on my "yeast thing" one day, Poppy. I'm sure they are 100% better!