Saturday, May 24, 2014

Sticky angels and cannibal brownies!

After all those franks on Tuesday, it's time for a little dessert fun. Today's treats come from Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cook Book (1961).

Some of the "fun" of eating outdoors is having various animals try to make off with the food. Of course, there are the stereotypical ants at a picnic. Canada geese can be pretty aggressive. When I was in college, my friends and I went to the zoo, brought a picnic lunch, and spent the entire time we were trying to eat it fending off a gaggle of geese. They actually bit a few of my friends when they thought we were being too stingy, but luckily I escaped their notice....

Pet owners are familiar with pleading puppy dog eyes when there are goodies to be had. What if you are not so "fortunate" to have animals begging, pleading, and/or stealing? You can make your own!


Shaggy dogs! Toast a marshmallow and dip it into chocolate sauce and shredded coconut. I'm not sure how it's supposed to come out as cute as the illustration, but the name alone is sure to charm kids (at least, the ones who don't equate shredded coconut to pencil shavings coated with sunblock).

But what if you need dessert, have day-old bread, and no ambition to make bread pudding? This book has the perfect solution:

I'm starting to think "We can put some coconut on that!" is the '60s equivalent of "We Can Pickle That!"

I think my favorite for sheer weirdness that still sounds pretty yummy is this:

Toast a marshmallow in the middle of a doughnut! I'm not enamored with angels, but if they wear doughnut and toasted marshmallow halos, they might not be so bad. (I'll bet that makes the feathers on their wings super-sticky, though. Getting feathers stuck to pretty much anything they come near must make them unwelcome guests pretty quickly.)

And finally, since no discussion of barbecue desserts is complete without S'Mores:

Brownie S'Mores! Being eaten by brownies, I guess? Does this constitute cannibalism? This cookbook is convincing me that legendary creatures are much weirder than I give them credit for....

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