Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Trade in your toast! Eggs have a new friend.

I usually write about books from the '70s or earlier, but today we are headed to the '80s because I couldn't resist this recipe from 1983's pamphlet "Chex: The Natural Way to Good Cooking."

The first chapter suggests breakfast and brunch recipes. Since everybody's first thought for a Chex breakfast is "Just eat a bowl of it," the recipe writers had to think of something else to do with the stuff. Most of the recipes involve crushing the Chex and dumping them into muffin or coffeecake batter, but not everybody wants sweet pastry for breakfast. What about the people who like something hot and savory like eggs?

Well, Chex has got them covered:

Why have boring old toast and eggs if you can have eggs on a bed of Chex? If you want to argue that the delectable buttery crunch of toast is a better counterpoint for eggs than dry, boring, stick-to-your-teeth Chex, then know that the eggs are not mated with ordinary Chex.

No-- with butter, marjoram, and grated Parmesan, those Chex are actually a rudimentary form of Chex mix. With eggs baked on top of them for some reason. I mean, whenever you grab a handful of Chex mix, don't you always think "This party snack would go from merely adequate to great if it just had an egg baked into it"?

This recipe gives you the chance to find out.


  1. WOW! Crunchy Chex w/ runny egg yolks....yeah, that's not texture I would enjoy in my cake hole

  2. Yeah-- this seems to fundamentally misunderstand the appeal of an egg breakfast.