Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tupperware Party!

Happy Cookbook Wednesday! I thought I'd write about a slightly newer-than-usual cookbook today, just because this book makes me nostalgic for childhood and this is the season to be nostalgic. Today's book is from 1981:

See the orange canisters in the background? We had those, and we were constantly digging them out in December for flour and sugar to make cookies: cutouts (of course), molasses cookies (so soft and delicious!), butterballs, marzipan cookies, and some oatmeal cookies stuffed with candied fruit that my sister and I found absolutely revolting, even if the grownups liked them.... So those orange canisters are completely responsible for today's pick.

One of the gimmicks of this cookbook (besides requiring Tupperware for everything) is that it gives instructions for making one's own mixes so even fast food will be "homemade." Of course it has recipes for cookie mix! Since I'm dreaming of cookies anyway, let's look at some of Tupperware's offerings:

It looks as if this is being sold as an easy gift idea, too. Give recipients some instructions with the mix (in a Tupperware container, of course!) tied with flowered braid like the kind my mom used to sew on my sweatshirt to personalize it when I was little. (I got picked on a LOT as a kid... I think the two might somehow be related.)

The cookies themselves look lovely: a bar with crumbles on top, something orangey, something chocolatey!

Before anything else, though, we need the recipe for the mix:

I like that it specifies to store it in the 14-cup Large Canister. You wouldn't want to accidentally store your cookie mix in the incorrect Tupperware (or some bastard non-Tupperware container!).

The streusel-covered bars that look so inviting to me sound less so when I see the recipe:

My grandma always made mince pies and I was never sold on them, so mince cookies sound no better. (Of course, it didn't help that when I was little I thought everyone was saying "mints," not "mince." The two taste NOTHING alike, and mince is particularly horrifying to a little girl hoping for peppermint.)

What about the orangey ones? Are they better?

Orange and coconut! I know that probably sounds good to those of you who would like to eat pencil shavings mixed with sunblock, but (as you may be able to gather) I am not a fan of coconut.

But what about those delectable chocolatey looking cookies?

They are double chocolate drops! Chocolate cookies! With chocolate pieces! And it's a Christmas miracle: I found a recipe that actually sounds good, even to my picky ass.

So happy Cookbook Wednesday! Thanks again to Louise for organizing it!


  1. We had the same canisters growing up except in green :-)

    1. Those canisters were the best! They sealed a lot better than most of the canisters I see now.

  2. Hi Poppy!!!
    Oh how I love this post!!! Not only because there's Tupperware involved or a very cool cookbook for that matter but because I think cookbooks with "making one's own homemade mixes" are so cool. I have one from Better Homes that I get such a kick out of:) You don't see those "master" recipes in cookbooks anymore. Although, it has been a while since I've actually bought a "modern" cookbook, lol...

    The Double Chocolate do sound promising. Mince has always been confusing to be and I have never taken a liking to it. Chocolate is sooooo much better!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this cookbook for Cookbook Wednesday Poppy. I'm delighted to "see" you!!!

    1. I love seeing do-it-yourself mixes too. I know it's easier to just buy mixes at the store, but the prospect of being able to tinker with them is what captures my imagination.

    2. I totally agree Poppy. As for the Tupperware canisters, they really were the best. I'm always looking for them at yard sales, lol...

  3. I babysat for a woman who sold Tupperware in the mid-1970s, and she made a small fortune - even won a station wagon because her sales were so outstanding. I always laughed when I saw her demonstrations telling of the exact right Tupperware container to use - and I still chuckle when I see it in Pampered Chef booklets.

    That cookie mix sounds great. I might just put together a few batches of it for my girls to make Christmas cookies this year. Yes, batches. They have to feed 6 hungry brothers and a Dad, after all!

    1. Yes, this is a recipe that seems pretty safe to try out! Hopefully it will keep your brood happy.