Saturday, March 21, 2015

Are these better than a mouth full of sawdust?

I am finally feeling better after I caught something that made my head feel like it was full of wool and my mouth feel like it was full of sawdust. Time to celebrate with recipes for things I love. I'll just check House & Garden's New Cook Book (1967) to see how they prepare some of my favorites.

I know rice is cheap and a lot of people just consider it filler to go with the main attraction, but I adore the stuff. Cook it in stock with some butter, throw in a little cheese, and I am in heaven. This casserole looks like a good start...

Well, it looks like a good start right up until the Parmesan cheese. Then when you stir in catsup (ugh!) and top it with eggs (fine) and sauteed bananas (What?!*), you lose me! This sounds almost as bad as the Ham Banana Rolls with Cheese Sauce Louise featured on Wednesday!

Maybe simple rice isn't the way to go... How about lasagna? I love a nice thick slice of lasagna, dripping with spicy tomato sauce and covered with golden cheese. How does House & Garden do that one?

Brains with Lasagna! It's lasagna for the zombie apocalypse! I think I will leave this one for people who have caught far worse viruses than whatever I had....

(*Did you know that the question mark/ exclamation point combo is known as an interrobang?! I know this tidbit is not recipe related, but I need to educate someone about it when I learn a word that sounds dirty but actually isn't.)


  1. I don't think that is a real Brazilian casserole, there's too much pimento left on top. Wink!

    And yes, the word interrobang sounds like a word from Urban Dictionary

    1. Mind in the gutter as usual, I see! And that's why I'm always glad to see a comment from you.