Wednesday, May 13, 2015

You'll need sunglasses to look at this book

Wake up!

I picked up The New McCall's Cook Book by Mary Eckley (copyright 1963, but mine is a 1973 printing) partly because the very bright cover grabbed my attention. (It didn't hurt that it was on clearance, too-- as you can tell.) I love the way the "O"s in "cook book" are plates, filled with everything from borscht to a Jell-O mold to pork chops with carrots and broccoli to a cherry pie. Even I am not immune to the book's sunny charm.

Although the cover looks welcoming, some of the recipes intimidate me a bit. I've railed against recipes that seem impossible to eat before, and this next is one of those:

Sure, Crusty Chicken Wrap-Ups might sound good. Chicken wrapped in seasoned crescent rolls? Yes, please! (Well, if you like barbecue sauce, anyway.) But the crescent rolls conceal not just a bit of chicken but the entire leg, bone and all! I'm not sure there is a better recipe to get crumbs, barbecue sauce, and bits of cartilage everywhere. (I like that the artist's rendition looks like a little plate full of Jawas! Messy, messy Jawas.)

The next recipe would probably be good for a small holiday gathering... long as the cook has a steady hand, good depth perception, and the confidence to pour flaming brandy over candied sweet potatoes. My best-case scenario would be catching my own hair and/or clothing on fire. The worst-case scenario would of course require a call to the fire department but have the advantage of cutting family time much shorter than anticipated.

Not all the recipes are nerve-wracking, though. This one seemed surprisingly modern:

Avocado pureed with ginger and orange peel! This is billed as a cold soup, but if we called it a green smoothie, added some kale or spinach, and swapped the milk for almond milk and/or Greek yogurt, this would be right at home in a cookbook now.

Here's hoping your Cookbook Wednesday is as bright as The New McCall's Cook Book's cover! As always, thanks to Marjie of Modern Day Ozzie and Harriet for hosting.


  1. I have an older McCalls Cookbook; mine is from the very early 1960s. I knew as soon as I saw your picture that yours was a 1970s vintage - colors were so bright then!

    I've linked you up for Cookbook Wednesday, too. Have a great day.

  2. Jawas! Hee :D

    Somehow describing any food as "crusty" is really unappetizing :P

    1. I thought you'd like the Jawas comment. ;-)