Saturday, March 18, 2017

Nest egg noodles!

I can tell spring is almost here because the little birdies are starting to yell in the morning when I still want to sleep. I imagine that means they're getting ready to build nests, so today we're going to focus on eating nests.

Okay, not really. Old American cookbooks do not generally have recipes for real bird's nest soup, so we have instead a couple of nests from Magic Menus with Mueller's Macaroni Products (1937).

For the main dish...

...Egg Noodles Benedict. That's little nests of egg noodles topped with frizzled ham, a poached egg, and Hollandaise. I guess it's only fitting that the egg noodles make this twice as eggy as the traditional English muffin version.

Then for dessert....

...Egg Noodle Nests! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to eat a citrus noodle custard topped with a stewed apricot "egg" and stale cake crumbs, this would be your opportunity to find out. (And if you've never wondered about this, then why the hell not? It's obviously a very exciting opportunity.)

I love the bossy little chicken in the picture next to the recipe. For some reason, it reminds me of the chicken egg toy vending machines that always made me beg my mom for a quarter. She usually said no, probably because letting me get an egg would mean having to try to talk me into believing that some bullshit like four neon green fake fingernails or a generic balloon sticker with weak glue was a great prize.

Yeah, I get it, but you better believe I'd be digging around for quarters if I saw one of those machines again.


  1. Funnily enough, the dessert egg nest reminds me of kugel. Which I hate. Noodles are not supposed to be sweet!

    1. I thought it was kugel-ish. I've never actually had a kugel, though, so I wasn't sure. (Pretty sure I'd feel the same way about kugel as you do!)