Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Foil as fuel for therapy sessions

It's September. The older kids are off to school, so now we've got time to scar the younger ones for life!

Ahem. I mean to make the younger siblings some delightful foil-based toys to amuse them while the older ones are gone.

How about lovely little baby buggy?

Or how about a creepy little monkey climbing out of a foil-lined hell? If the late, great Romero hadn't written and directed Monkey Shines, the recipient of this creepy little carriage certainly would have.

But what if seeing toys swallowed up by foil isn't enough? What if you want to become part of a horrifying foil monster yourself? The clown box is for you!

This kid seems amazingly unfazed for someone sitting in the foil belly of a creepy clown. Even the weird, thin dolls waiting to spring to life and strangle him at any moment seem a bit perplexed. Just look at the one on the far right. She's clearly thinking, "What the hell? We're going to have to work waaaay harder than I thought to creep this kid out."

Kid seems ready to spend the whole morning sitting around in a clown belly, gazing at plaid and flower-print dolls and planning to use them to take over the world. I thought the clown was the scary part of this picture, but the longer I think about it, the more convinced I am that it's the little goblin in his belly.

Mom isn't going to fuel his therapy bills with this clown atrocity. The boy's probably already fueling hers, and this attempt to turn the tables is backfiring.


  1. For some reason the first picture reminded me of those stories about how you tried to make me into a roast as a baby. Not to mention stew, and a pie (crust), etc etc

    1. I wouldn't have cooked a monkey. They're cooler than baby sisters. ;-)

  2. "Can't sleep, clowns will eat me!"

    And that's a murder monkey for sure :O

    1. At least Bart had the decency to be scared of the clown!

    2. Yesterday I was listening to something where they started talking about Christian clowns. I immediately thought of this kid.