Tuesday, July 30, 2013

About Starch Foods and Te Puke

The back cover of the 1969 The Graham Kerr Cookbook includes a note from Kerr himself. He writes, "I am known mostly for my television 'performances' in 'The Galloping Gourmet' series.... I try very hard to entertain you (whatever that may mean). Because of this you may doubt me! 'Is he a performer or a cook?' you'll say. I hope I am both...."

Interested to see his entertainment value, I decided to read the introductions to the various chapters in his book, as these are usually a little more lengthy than the notes around recipes and give a better picture of the writer's personality. Here is what I found for the "About Starch Foods" section, a chapter basically devoted to potato and rice recipes:

Well, he has certainly made me imagine that his cooking MUST be better than his entertainment value if this is the best he has to offer and he still managed to have a show.

Then I hit a recipe title that really made me wonder about the food, too.

I wondered if the title was a prediction about what readers were going te do after eating something made with an eggy batter that was left to stand on the counter for hours. A check of Wikipedia assures me that Te Puke is a town in New Zealand. Kerr lived in New Zealand, so I see the connection, but I don't think I'd use that name in a recipe title.

Then again, I'm not an "entertainer."

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