Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What qualifies as a cocktail?

Someone tried really hard to make this photo appealing.

This is supposed to be elegant: the gold-tone salad fork matches the gold-edged plates, whose patterns mirror the green of the lettuce and the red of the sauce that the tripod goblet suspends triumphantly toward the diner. A second goblet (apparently brimming with white wine) and a bonsai tree serve as backdrops to give the setting an air of sophistication. What special dish deserves this treatment? (Hint: It's from Better Homes and Gardens Calorie Counter's Cook Book, copyright 1970, although mine is the ninth printing from 1975.)

It is a mushroom cocktail! Only 38 calories per serving! Hopefully the photography and calorie count are enough to make you forget that "Mushroom Cocktail" is just a fancy name for lettuce and sliced raw mushrooms with ketchup dumped on top.

If not, at least you can save yourself 38 calories.

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