Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Does this recipe count as a celebration?

Months of Edible Celebrations is celebrating its blogoversary with a pasta party since October is National Pasta Month. I knew I had to get in on the action, but I needed to find a pasta recipe to fit the spirit of Grannie Pantries.

I have a certain weakness for recipes from the '60s and '70s that implore cooks who are used to cooking from scratch to try out the new convenience foods in bizarre and disgusting ways. This preference might put a damper on the spirit of celebration for some of you, but we don't actually have to eat what I brought, after all! I am told (although my introverted self finds many tales of parties hard to fathom) that the best part of a party can be the conversation, so maybe my entry should be considered conversation fodder rather than refreshment.

I also have a deep and abiding affection for Betty Crocker. For a special occasion, I like to see what Betty has to say.

Putting these preferences together, here, from the copyright 1965 (but mine is fourth printing from 1970) Betty Crocker's Dinner in a Dish Cookbook,  is my contribution to the party:

It should really be "Can-Can-Can-Can-Can Casserole" since it uses up five cans. In true convenience food mashup fashion, the casserole uses canned soup as the sauce to cover canned carrots, tuna, and macaroni and cheese. In an effort to counterbalance the bland mushiness of the layers, the whole concoction is topped with canned onion rings.

I invite you to eye it. Prod it. Sniff it. Discuss. Taste it if you want an interesting story for the next party you attend.


  1. Hi Poppy!

    What a wonderful surprise! I haven't touched my email yet so I didn't know you would be joining us for the Pasta Party!

    You know I too get a kick out of some of these "retro" albeit sometimes unfathomable recipes, which I think this Can Can Casserole may just be. However, you are so right, if nothing else, it's recipes like this that are sure to get the conversation started!

    Thank you so much for joining the party. Your number for the give-away is seven; #7. Thank you again. We are all in for some mighty interesting treats:)

  2. Hopefully some of the others will be more appetizing! ;-)