Saturday, October 5, 2013

Waffle Party!

Given my well-documented aversion to adding sweet elements to savory dishes, it should be no surprise that I am completely nonplussed by the soul food chicken and waffles combination that has lately become more popular. Recent spins on the concept have even made more open-minded reviewers think the trend has gone too far. My old cookbooks show that we have long loved to play with our waffles, though, and here are a few other waffle variations.

Although I would expect 1953's 500 Delicious Dishes from Leftovers to include some of the most appalling creations, their variations are not incredibly crazy:

Many of these actually sound pretty good, although most of the additions this calls for don't strike me as the kinds of problematic leftovers readers will need to use up. It might be nice to tell yourself that you're just making chocolate waffles as a thrifty way to use up leftover chocolate, but nobody's going to buy it-- not even you, if you're being honest.

By the way, the book offers no recipe for waffle batter (doesn't even mention the amount of batter these suggestions were designed to be used with!), another reminder of how much recipe writers used to depend on their readers' cooking experience. 

The Farm Journal's Timesaving Country Cookbook (1961) will probably appeal to a lot of people too, but my stomach hurts just thinking about it:

I'm sure Elvis fans would serve these with sliced bananas.

This last recipe, from Better Homes and Gardens Meat Stretcher Cook Book (1974), probably sounds just as good to you as it does to me.

Suddenly the chicken and waffles chips don't sound quite as bad. That's not the same as good, but it's something.


  1. Hi Poppy!

    Chicken & Waffles are quite popular here in central PA. I sometimes think many cooks are using recipes such as these in some of the eateries I have attempted to enjoy. (The Farm Journal Cookbook is quite popular in these parts:)

    Scrapple is often served with waffles around here also. I'm not sure about that last recipe though, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing, Poppy.

    P.S. I don't know if you saw my post about the pasta party but if you would like to join us, you are more than welcome. I'm also having a cookbook give-away for my blogoversary! You might even be able to dig up a cool retro recipe or leaflet to share. Let me know if you want to join us. louise

    1. I guess you'll see that I just did! :-) I didn't look for new comments until after you posted.

      I read that the chicken and waffles in Pennsylvania can be different than the soul food version. A plain waffle with stewed chicken and gravy (which I've read is the PA Dutch style) sounds way better to me than fried chicken with butter and syrup version.

    2. If you ask me, Poppy neither is very appetizing. I have a friend who is Amish and she says we "English" just don't do it right. The entire process, she says, is from scratch and by the time you sit down to dine it tastes even better. I often tell her she is talking "chicken scratch" and nothing is going to make me enjoy Chicken & Waffles!

      Once again, I am delighted you joined the Pasta Party. Thanks for the good wishes and Good Luck!