Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cabbage and banana month!

Happy February! It's a new month, so it is once again time for Betty Crocker's Cooking Calendar (1962). First off, what are this month's "red-letter foods"?

Cabbage and bananas! Bananas are fine if they're fresh, but I agree with my cake-baking grandma that trying to eat a brown one is about as agreeable as trying to eat a skunk. As for cabbage, I prefer to leave it to Ralphie and Randy in A Christmas Story, but a few shreds of red cabbage in a salad or of Chinese cabbage in a stir-fry are okay.

I am not convinced, though, that using the word "jubilee" will make the cabbage in our recipe for the month better:

I'm not sure anything could make this "pennywise" recipe a celebration, so I would probably try to go for humor in the name instead. How about "Cabbage Wienie Casserole"? I need a laugh in February.

(Is anybody else wondering what cabbage wienies would look like now? Maybe what some hot cabbage on banana action might look like? No? Fine, then I won't even say anything about what gingerbread is doing with the hot applesauce.)


  1. Happy February, Poppy!!! If cabbage and bananas mean it's time for a jubilee that's fine by me! I'm so glad that January is behind us I welcome their red letter days! Thanks for sharing, Poppy...

  2. Yes, I have had more than enough of winter. At least one month is gone! Kind of wish I could skip straight to April, even if it is the cruelest month...

    1. I'd be satisfied with just jumping to March!!!