Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Open auditions for husbands

I'm pretty accustomed to the questionable-at-best sexual politics of the old cookbooks. Of course women were the only ones who could cook, and of course, they had to eat daintier foods than men, and of course they were all obsessed with using cooking to catch husbands. (And of course catching husbands was the only thing single women ever thought about!)

So I wasn't terribly surprised by this recipe title in 1966's "The New Karo All American Cook Book":

The recipe doesn't sound bad, especially with butter instead of the margarine. Toast broiled with crispy cereal, crunchy nuts, and a sweet glaze sounds pretty tasty. Someone intent on catching a beau could do worse than this....

If this recipe is a intended as help in the quest to catch a mate, though, I might expect the serving size to be an intimate two. Look at the serving size.

Apparently this is for beau casting calls.

Open auditions tonight! Gentlemen, even if you aren't chosen, you'll at least get a sweet slice of toast. (And no, that is not a euphemism.)


  1. This is some funny stuff - beau auditions tonight! I saw your headline when I was visiting Louise and thought I'd pop over. I do love the old cookbooks; I have a James Beard which suggests entire menus, including the proper alcoholic beverages. Nothing like a good Bloody Mary to get your blood pumping in the morning, right?

    1. I do love the cookbooks with whole menus. They really show the mindset of the recipe writer and the time period.
      Thanks for visiting!