Saturday, November 7, 2015

Sweetened Condensed Recipes

In my quest for ever-more-obscure kitchen artifacts, I have come into possession of this:

Yep! I have some old Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk labels! I'm not sure of their time period, but my guess would be the '80s since the nutrition information is in the pre-1991 format.

I'm feeling sweet this weekend, so I'll give you some back-of-the-label recipes that actually sound good! How does this look?

If you have a fall comfort food craving, creamy banana pudding should fill it!

Have to admit I'm not totally convinced that watering down a can of sweetened condensed milk and combining it with vanilla pudding mix is superior to just making a couple packages of vanilla pudding mix with regular milk, but hey, it looks good! (For proof of its continued appeal, click.)

For a more seasonal dessert-- and one that seems to actually merit picking up a can of sweetened condensed milk-- try this:

Sounds tasty! So tasty, in fact that they still market the recipe (almost unchanged, except for the fact that cans of pumpkin are now slightly smaller).

If you never have sweetened condensed milk on hand, I found a trick from my mysterious "package of DIL-ICIOUS IDEAS from the folks at DILS":

Just whip up some instant powdered milk, boiling water, melted margarine, sugar, and salt in a blender et voila! Homemade sweetened condensed milk. Given that all the powdered milk I've ever tasted reminded me of slightly sour cardboard and that margarine is not dairy fat, I wouldn't have high hopes for this concoction, but maybe with enough other ingredients, it wouldn't be too bad?

Try it if you want, but I'm going back to pawing through discarded food labels. Try not to be too jealous.

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