Saturday, June 10, 2017

Venus Dessert Trap? Moon Jellyfish Jelly?

Sorry! I was on vacation and thought I had this scheduled to post automatically on Saturday. Obviously, it didn't.

On a busy summer weekend, I thought you might need a cool and creamy treat from Good Housekeeping's Dreamy Desserts (1971).

Or maybe it's a pet jellyfish? Or a carnivorous plant that got baked in the sun, and now has a quintet of green stink bugs throwing an orgy in its once-imposing trap?

No, it's an Apricot Cream, Tiffany. (Don't ask me who Tiffany is, but she's part of the title. I am also unable to say the title without sounding sarcastic.)

If you want a chance to get salmonella from a brandied apricot gelatin mold, this recipe was made for you!

I kept staring at the picture, though, sure that I had seen something like this before. Then it hit me: this is the dessert version of those "crown roasts" made out of hot dogs that used to be so popular.

If you want a faux-elegant weekend, make yourself a Frankfurter Crown followed by an Apricot Cream! I think I'd rather take my chances with a carnivorous plant.


  1. Another book I also own. Though I can't fathom the thought of making such a glorious dessert like Tiffany

    1. The Good Housekeeping books have great pics.