Wednesday, July 5, 2017

In which a special guest barely bothers to tease the Pieathalon

Guess what's coming on Friday! It's the day we're posting for the fourth annual Pieathalon!

As I have in years past, I asked a special guest to help me sample the pie for that post, so as is my tradition, he gets to pick the recipe for the teaser post.

I shouldn't have been surprised he wasn't very cooperative.

"Why would you want me to help? You know what I consume isn't going to be in your silly little cookbooks, unless maybe they've got a recipe for single malt."

"Come on! Just help me pick something and you can get back on your road trip."

"You go ahead and pick something for me. Just don't be an arsehole and pick something flambéed or I will come back, and you will be sorry."

With that, he headed out to a Chevelle, and I got to work paging through my books. I thought about picking something Chinese, but it seemed too esoteric, and I'm not sure what he usually orders. I settled on something a little more on-the-nose. From Irma S. Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker's Joy of Cooking (1975 edition), here are two recipes for my Friday guest star:

It's a little more processed than he is accustomed to, but I know he would approve of the ingredient list.

Of course he needs some liquor to go with the blood sausage, though this is a bit fancier than his usual straight-from-the-bottle preference:

Please note: Nothing that bursts into flame! I kept my word.

That's it for today! Mystery guest will be back for my Pieathalon post on Friday!


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    1. I thought we might not have one this year, but it got a late start.