Saturday, August 25, 2018

Funny Name: Extra Fancy Edition

Are you ready to feel fancy? I mean, really fancy? Fancy enough to break out the "Ooh La La"? Jimmy Dean's Best Sausage Recipes (1973) might sound down-home, but it can be just as fancy as anybody else, dagnabbit.

I'm not so sure the bakers in the French countryside fill their pastry shells with Jimmy Dean, frozen broccoli, and cans of cheese soup, but this extra-punctuation-y dish of Sausage-Ooh!-La!-La! doesn't look too bad if you like phlegm and sawdust over overcooked green stuff.


  1. Oh-la-la! It can be a the secret call between retro cooking aficionados

  2. You always know that it is going to be something elegant when canned soup is involved.