Saturday, December 5, 2015

Not baking my caraway....

The first weekend in December.... I'd like to spend it trying out a new cookie recipe-- something I might give as a gift-- or maybe baking up a batch of cupcakes to warm up the apartment and surprise the person who not only doesn't mind but actively aids and abets my amassing 2.7 metric tons of cook-bookage.

That's not what I'm doing, though. I'm grading papers. Hooray for endless streams of essays. To encourage myself to stay on task, I've found cookie and cupcake recipes that will not in any way distract me from my work.

If you like old-world cooking, something that relies on earthy spices and citrus rind for its pop, you may want to try these old-fashioned treats from The Household Searchlight Recipe Book (1936) for your holiday goody trays:

If you're like me and caraway seeds taste like despised black jellybeans that have been rolled around in the dirt and then carelessly tossed into something that could otherwise have been edible, then these recipes should inspire you to get back to work! Who needs a weekend baking spree anyway?


  1. Caraway cookies? No thanks :P
    However, if you have a chance to eat Taralle (Italian salt n' pepper cookies) they are PHENOMENAL
    P.S. Thanks for the great post! I had a tough week. Our 15 year old kitty passed away :-(

    1. I've never had Taralle, but I'll try them if I see them based on your recommendation!

      I'm so sorry about your cat. Kitties can be so fun and sweet-- it's hard to deal when they're gone. My cats are 14 and 15, and I try really hard not to think about it.