Saturday, October 16, 2021

Funny Name: Really Questionable Desserts Edition

When I saw the title "Brownie Rice Casserole" in Police Potpourri (Iowa State Policeman's Association Auxiliary, 1977), I immediately pictured something that would easily fit into a horror movie-- a 9 x 13" pan full of brownies that look kind of like they're infested by maggots-- but maybe you wouldn't notice under the thick layer of cream-of-mushroom-soup-based icing.

The reality, of course, is less interesting.

I really don't know why Betty Ammeter felt compelled to add "brownie" to the title, but I'm glad she did because now I've put that image in your head. You're welcome.


  1. Brownie because she fed it to young girl scouts, or brown for the color of the ingredients? Now I'm thinking of other colors she could have fun with. Red with tomato products, yellow/orange with cheese, green for a vegetable based concoction, then things start getting weird at the end of the rainbow. Red cabbage turns blue when cooked. Grape juice and rice for purple? By the end of it, people might be begging for plain old white rice.

    1. Of course, the easy way to get all those colors in would be to make Jell-O/ rice salads.