Saturday, March 18, 2023

Funny Name: Smells Better than Expected Edition

I often suspect that the recipes I feature were secret pleas to get out of cooking duty. "If I just make this one spectacularly awful dish, maybe we can go out to eat instead," I imagine mid-20th-century cooks thinking. Well, today's dish from Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center Volunteer Cookbook (undated, looks like it's from the 1970s) sounds perfectly fine if you only look at the ingredients. It's just manicotti stuffed with ground beef and veggies (Okay, and rice, which seems a bit odd, but would certainly taste fine). then topped with spaghetti sauce and cheese. Still, though, I suspect the recipe might be a ploy to get out of cooking.

"What are we having for dinner tonight, honey?"

"Sewer pipes, dear."

"You know what? I think maybe it's time I took you out for a change."


  1. Maybe someone was tired of volunteering at the hospital, or maybe they were just predicting the future where all the small, independent hospitals would be going down the crapper - I mean not be able to survive on their own financially. I Googled this place, now it's Aurora Health Care, a 113 bed hospital in a city of 50,000. The name means that they merged financially with a larger hospital system.